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Introduction & Activities of Al -Amaanah Charitable Trust

Welcome to Al - Amaanah Charitable Trust® - A Non Profitable Organization
All praise be to Allah, Al - Amaanah Charitable Trust ® started in July 2011. The Trust was launched in order to contribute to the greater good of the downtrodden among the needy...
Al Hamdu Lillah by the Mercy of Allah the Almighty,
we have registered the trust under

Government of Karnataka ( Reg No: IV 302/14-15) in November 2014.

Registered under Income Tax (India)Exemption Under section 12-A (CIT(E)BLR/12A/M- 50/ABBFA2522M/ITO(E)-1/Vol 2015-2016 Dated: 30/11/2015)

Registered under Income Tax Act (India) 1961 Section 80-G (CIT(E)BLR/80G/M-51/ABBFA2522M/ITO(E)-1/Vol 2015-2016 Dated: 30/11/2015 )

Al Hamdu Lillah, We have hundreds of donors coming together to help in the cause.

Charity Expenditure Statistics

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Total Amount spent on charity as on Date: 17-01-2019


Completed Cases expenditure statistics ( April 2018- March 2019)









About Us

Welcome to Al - Amaanah Charitable Trust® - A Non Profitable Organization

How we started

All praise be to Allah, Al - Amaanah Charitable Trust® started in July 2011. The Trust was launched in order to contribute to the greater good of the downtrodden among the needy. The mission of AL-Amaanah is to provide assistance to the needy and oppressed in whatever means possible irrespective of cast creed or religion, with a pure intention to please The Almighty, and with little means and a great hope in Him. AL- Amaanah undertook this responsibility on behalf of the trusting donors to make a difference in the society that we live in.

Current Standing

We are a non-profit organization not only on paper but even in action. Our donors are a witness to this practice as we furnish the receipts and other documentation for the entire amount donated. By the grace and mercy of The Almighty, we have registered our trust on November 2014 under Government of Karnataka ( Reg No: IV 302/14-15) The Trust is under the guidance of many learned scholars.

Projects 2015-2018

AL-Amaanah strives to help and support widows, single mothers bearing/raising children, senior citizens, orphans, needy children on a case to case basis, along with other families and individuals that require a variety of help and support, irrespective of their religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Some modes of our aid include but are not limited to;

Medical Aid

Paying for surgeries tests, reports and other diagnostic scans and Providing timely medicines and other expenses to hospitalized individuals who cannot afford health care. (Approximately Rs. 35 lakhs)

Educational Aid

Paying school fees of orphan and poor children who are unable to pursue education due to lack of funds. (Approximately Rs.14 Lakhs)

Provisional Aid

Providing monthly food ration to destitute families. So far we have reached over 40 full families inclusive of widows, senior citizens as well. (Approximate cost per month Rs. 50,000/-)

Rental House Advance (Deposits)

Providing Rental House Advance (Deposits) for the needy. (Around Rs.7 Lakhs)

Aid in the month of Ramadhan

Distribution of ration for the month of Ramadan, to ease suhoor and iftar , over 250 families were assisted through AL-Amaanah.

  • Organizing iftar for poor and needy at AL-Amaanah.
  • Eid kit on the eve of Eid for feast on the day of Eid upto 270 Eid kits were sent out last year


  • We also indulge in collection of used clothes so we could further circulate it among the impoverished.
  • We keep expanding the reach and genre of our services as and when our support from donors increase which enables us to undertake more projects and reach out to more families.
  • You can help lots of people by donating little. Charity Causes

    • Education forms the very backbone of one’s society. The children are our future and thus ensuring they have access to education is of prime Importance at Al-Amaanah Charitable trust ®. Our prime region of coverage is for orphans, females and other minors under the age of 17 and cannot afford to attend or pay up their school term fee due to financial constraints. Once we receive the application our protocols that follow are: Read More
    • By the grace of God, our trust’s first priority is aiding in medical requirements . With the inflating prices both for the services as well as the medicines , more and more daily bread earners are finding it difficult to afford a reasonable and quality treatment facility.
      We thus intend to help facilitate the same to the best of our ability . Once we receive a medical aid case, our protocols that follow are:
      Read More
    • A major source of happiness for us is serving the senior citizens, elderly males and females, abandoned parents, widows with children to feed who due to some or the other unfortunate circumstance are abandoned or left to struggle on their own.
      As much as many of us would want to help them wholly but the fact of reality is not everyone has that luxury of time or provision and many a times even a generous heart. Read More

    Charity Gallery

    Our Premises

    Provision Distribution

    Educational Aid

    Ongoing Cases

    Frequently asked questions

    Ans: No. All photographs depicting any and every real life individual displayed on this website are of al- Amanah’s actual donation recipients . Similarly, all the images displayed under our causes are from the charity projects we undertook. Neither of the two are fictional or taken from any second source. Click Here to go to our gallery
    Ans: we have a written estimation letter from the hospital or the school or the source with whom we are indulged with and we request our donations based on that.
    Ans: The charity amount at AL-Amaanah is collected based on the approximate estimation provided by the authorized source in writting for every charity case. At times we receive last moment considerate discounts by the source thereby waving off certain amount from the previously estimated sum and/or some times our generous donors donate more than what was requested; thus in these and similar cases all the remnant amount is utlilized by AL-Amaanah for other on-going charity proceedings and cases.
    Ans: Please Click Here to go to our causes page and see our activity genre.
    Ans: Thank you for asking this question. No we do not restrict our charity projects to one particular religion or even area or state. Please Click Here to see a list of our charity projects which we completed for people belonging to different faiths
    Ans: The area of our reach depends upon a few pre-requisites and vital factors such as the feasibility in verifying cases of that particular area, Transportation facilities; time consumed ; legal clauses of that city and some other factors that have to be analysed for compatibility before hand. Therefore for now our reach is in the state of Karnataka , parts of Tamil Nadu… and in the near future as and when our team and capability grows , we intend to extend our helping hand to further regions as well. – Answered on 22 nd April 2019
    Ans: Please Click Here to go to our contact page and feel free to contact us.
    Ans: Please Click Here to go to our On-going causes and click the donate button provided on the page. You will be directed to the payment page where you can type in the ID of the particular cause you’d like to donate for . For e.g see the below image : Alternatively if you instead choose to donate for a non-ongoing cause then please click here to go to our causes page and click donate under any of the causes that you’re interested in participating. For e.g see the below image:
    Ans: Yes AL-Amaanah Charitable Trust is registered by Department of Sub Registrar karnataka. (Reg No: IV 302/14-15)
    We are also registered wth income Tax Exemption Under section 12-A and 80-G of Income Tax Act (India) 1961.
    CIT(E)BLR/12A/M-50/ABBFA2522M/ITO(E)-1/Vol 2015-2016 Dated: 30/11/2015
    CIT(E)BLR/80G/M-51/ABBFA2522M/ITO(E)-1/Vol 2015-2016 Dated: 30/11/2015
    Ans: Every amount that we collect for our charity causes is based on the estimation quote/letter that we receive from the source. We provide this document to all our donors so as to maintain a relationship of trust. However, our trust is maintained by donations made by few of our generous donors. we have a lot of recurring expences like verification processes, salaries for our team members, paper costs, fuel costs and many other small and big expenses. We therefore would like to request you to consider donating a little amount to our trust as well . It will serve as a big help for our every-day charity work. Every penny counts.

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    Postal Address
    AL-Amaanah Charitable Trust®,
    #2, Mahboob Layout, 12th Cross, Umar Nagar,
    Behind Farida Shoe Factory, Govindpura, A C Post,
    Bangalore – 560 045, India.

    +91 93790 47277, +91 80508 90367, +91 82968 69377